NodeJS: Brilliant, Amazing, and Useless

The first site I ever built was in Microsoft FrontPage. If you’ve never used FrontPage, I’ll describe it as “like using Dreamweaver… but worse.” That should scare you. While it is cringe-worthy now, it did get me my start. Then I moved on to hand-coding HTML in Notepad. Then I picked up CSS. Then rudimentary JavaScript. Eventually learning the basics of PHP and the magic of including a common header and footer. Then it was all over. I was hooked. – – Continue reading

Why React with JSX and Not Vue with Vue Templates

With the popularity of front end view layers on the rise, it's only natural to compare the heavy hitters in that space. Two of the most popular ones are React and Vue. While JSX and Vue templates set out to accomplish essentially the same objective (rendering markup from JS), the two differ pretty drastically in how they are written. Enough in fact, to be a large factor in deciding to use React or Vue for your front end view layer. I tend more towards the way React does, and here's why. – – Continue reading

Facebook Advertising Split Test Case Study

Facebook Ads Manager has some great functionality for advertisers, including the ability to run split tests.  According to Facebook’s documentation “Split Testing helps advertisers understand how different aspects of their ads affect campaign performance. Similar to A/B testing, Split Testing lets you test different versions of your ads so you can see what works best and improve future campaigns.” Continue reading